Enamel Tea Spoons

by Criolla

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These dainty ones are perfect for shoveling sugar, stirring the creamer, and perfect for those bite size treats. Great for daily indoor use or to take them on the go, super light weight and easy to pack and carry around. Their simple classic design is versatile in any home and setting. These tea spoons are fire, oven and freezer safe. All pieces are 80% crafted by hand. 

Made in Bogota, Colombia

Material: Steel coated with 4 layers of porcelain enamel
Dimensions: 5"l

Enamelware Care—
We recommend following these tips to ensure the longevity of your enamelware.

Treat enamelware like you would any other ceramic piece. Chips can occur if item is dropped exposing the steel beneath. This product will continue to remain safe to use.
Dishwasher safe however,  to preserve the quality of your product, hand washing is recommended.
Not microwave safe.