A Year in the Making

POSTED BY Giselle Hernandez, 07.Jun.2013 | 0 Comments

It's been exactly a year since we embarked on our maiden trip to discover Someware's initial collection. We are beyond excited now that this launch has finally become a reality! In celebration of this, we wish to take a quick look back at the trip and share some photos to better explain the journey.

The first part of the trip was spent in Colombia. This country is filled with beautiful untouched landscapes, small colonial towns with romantic balconies, tasty food, and most importantly warm people that will welcome you as if you were an old friend. This is something that you don't easily come across when you travel and it makes it such a special place, contrary to the reputation that the country has.

The trip to Peru was also exhilarating and we fell in love with its extreme contrasts. Some of the towns that we traveled to felt like we were stepping back in time - not only in terms of landscape and architecture, but also in the indigenous peoples' authentic way of life. Experiencing the Andes mountains really put things into perspective and it made us appreciate that much more the Inca cultural legacy.

We feel extremely lucky for all our unique experiences, new friends that we made, food we shared, and all that we accomplished during our 2 months away. Here's a selection of the photos we shot. Enjoy!


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