Pillow Talk

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Two brands have been on our radar for sometime now and we're transitioning into autumn with their lines of cozy baby Alpaca and organic cotton pillows.

The first is LUCKYBOYSUNDAY, started by Camilla Ebdrup and Camilla Kørschen, now making its SOMEWARE debut.

The duo's designs are magical, unexpected, and poetic, all crafted in Bolivia by talented women using precious baby alpaca wool, which is characterized by its lightness and luxurious softness.

Photo Cred // Christian Bang

On a more abstract note, we’re also introducing Memphis, a colorful and asymmetrical line of pillows by DEPEAPA. It is inspired by Memphis Milano, a design movement from the 80s that emerged in Italy and used mixed elements from the futuristic Art Deco and Pop Art genres.

DEPEAPA is created by Spanish designer and illustrator Verónica de Arriba. Her illustrations are brought to life on a variety of mediums for housewares including stationary and accessories, and are manufactured in Spain.

Add a pop of color to any room with one of these stunning, soft eye-catchers.

Photo Cred // Argider Aparicio



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