B&H Price Match

If you’re into photography or videography, there’s a good chance you’ve heard of the famed New York City store B&H Photo Video. As the largest non-chain camera retailer in the United States, they’re a go-to source for all of your camera equipment needs. Since they also operate an e-commerce site too, though, they’re in direct competition with retailers all over the country. For that reason, it’s common for customers to wonder: Does B&H price match? Here’s everything you need to know.

B&H Price Match Policy

The good news is that B&H Photo Video will price match items they carry, but there are a few caveats. First, B&H will consider a price match only if you can provide them with a lower published price from an authorized dealer of an identical model product. Also, the other vendor must have the item in stock at the time.

B&H Price Match

For customers, this means you can typically only get B&H to price match an item if it comes from a major retailer. That excludes a great many e-commerce sites, and specifically those who aren’t registered as authorized dealers for whichever company makes the product you’re looking to buy. If you’ve found a lower published price that satisfies those conditions, there’s a good chance they’ll match it.

How it Works

If you’d like to request that B&H match a price, you can do so by contacting a sales representative on the phone at (800) 606-6969, or via their website’s live chat feature. You’ll have to provide the representative you speak to with the details of the item you’re looking to buy, as well as where they may find the lower price you’re trying to match.

Once you do this, the representative will make a request to their in-house sales department to get authorization to match the price. If it’s approved, the sales representative will give you a single-use promotional code that you can enter at checkout. The code will reduce the price of the matched item in your shopping cart to the new, matched price.

The Bottom Line

Now you know that B&H Photo Video will price match most major competitors. While they offer no guarantees about doing so, B&H does have a reputation for excellent customer service and often goes the extra mile to satisfy customers whenever possible.

If you find an item that they sell with a lower published price, it’s well worth the effort to ask a representative over the phone or online for a price match. There’s a good chance you’ll succeed. Better still, stop into the New York Superstore if you’re nearby and do it in person.

If nothing else, you’ll get to marvel at the store’s innovative conveyor belt system that delivers your price-matched items in real-time from the basement warehouse to the register you’re waiting at. It’s one of the last great brick-and-mortar retail experiences – and it’s not to be missed.